What is a Center Stile?

A center stile is a vertical piece of wood or other material that divides the opening of a cabinet or other piece of furniture into two separate sections. The center stile is typically positioned in the center of the opening and extends from the top to the bottom of the cabinet or piece of furniture.

Center stiles are commonly used in cabinets that have two doors, each of which opens to one half of the cabinet. The center stile provides structural support for the doors and helps to keep them aligned when they are closed. Center stiles may also be used in other types of furniture, such as bookcases or entertainment centers, to divide the opening into two separate sections.

Red Cabinet

In some cases, center stiles may be purely decorative, and may feature intricate carvings or other decorative elements that enhance the overall appearance of the cabinet or furniture piece. In other cases, they may be more functional, serving as a location for hinges, latches, or other hardware that is used to secure the doors or other parts of the furniture.

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