What is a Dado?

In woodworking, a dado is a slot or channel cut into a piece of wood to receive another piece of wood to form a joint. The groove is typically cut across the grain of the wood, creating a rectangular channel that is deeper than it is wide.

Dado joints are commonly used in cabinetry and furniture making to join shelves to cabinet sides, or to create a framework for doors or drawers. They can also be used to join panels together to form a larger surface or to add decorative details to a piece of furniture.

What is a Dado?

Dado joints can be cut using a variety of tools, including a table saw, router, or dado blade. The size and depth of the dado should be carefully measured and cut to ensure a snug fit for the joining piece of wood.

Overall, dado joints are a strong and reliable way to join two pieces of wood together, and are commonly used in woodworking to create durable and functional furniture pieces.

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