What is a Door Stopper?

A door stopper is a device that is used to prevent a door from closing fully or opening too far. Door stoppers are typically made of rubber or another soft material, and are designed to be placed on the floor or attached to the wall behind a door. Floor-mounted door stoppers are usually wedge-shaped and are placed under the bottom of the door to hold it open. Wall-mounted door stoppers are typically mounted on the baseboard or wall behind the door, and are designed to stop the door from hitting the wall or opening too far. There are also magnetic door stoppers, which consist of two pieces – one attached to the floor or wall, and one attached to the door. The two pieces are designed to attract each other when the door is opened, holding the door in place and preventing it from closing or opening too far. Door stoppers are often used in homes, offices, and public buildings to keep doors open for ventilation, to prevent them from slamming shut in a breeze, or to prevent damage to walls or furniture. They are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to suit different door types and decor styles.

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