What is a European Hinge?

A European hinge, also known as a concealed hinge or cup hinge, is a type of hinge commonly used in modern cabinetry and furniture. It is called a “European” hinge because it originated in Europe and is widely used in European-style cabinetry.

A European hinge is designed to be hidden from view when the cabinet door is closed, creating a clean and seamless look. It is mounted on the interior of the cabinet and is attached to a metal cup that is recessed into a hole drilled into the back of the cabinet door. The hinge is then attached to the cabinet frame with screws.

European hinges offer several advantages over traditional surface-mounted hinges. Because they are hidden from view, they provide a cleaner and more modern look to cabinetry and furniture. They also allow for more adjustability, as they can be adjusted in three dimensions to ensure a perfect fit and smooth operation. In addition, European hinges are typically more durable and long-lasting than traditional hinges.

Overall, European hinges are a popular choice for modern cabinetry and furniture due to their clean, seamless look and their high level of adjustability and durability.

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