What is a Frameless Cabinet?

A frameless cabinet is a type of cabinet construction where the cabinet box does not have a front frame surrounding the edges of the cabinet opening. Instead, the cabinet doors and drawers are attached directly to the cabinet box, which is typically made of thicker panels to provide support and stability.

Frameless cabinets are also known as European-style cabinets, as they originated in Europe and are commonly used in modern and contemporary kitchen and bathroom designs. They have a sleek, streamlined look and are often characterized by their full overlay doors and drawers, which cover the entire front of the cabinet box.

Because frameless cabinets do not have a front frame, they typically offer slightly more storage space than framed cabinets of the same size. They are also easier to access and clean, as there is no frame to get in the way of reaching the back of the cabinet or wiping down the edges.

One potential disadvantage of frameless cabinets is that they may require thicker and more expensive cabinet materials to provide the necessary support and stability without a front frame. They may also be more challenging to install than framed cabinets, as they require precise measurements and alignment to ensure that the doors and drawers fit correctly.

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