What is a Full-Access Drawer?

A full-access drawer is a type of cabinet drawer that extends beyond the face frame of the cabinet, providing complete access to the contents of the drawer. In a full-access drawer, the drawer box extends to the edge of the cabinet box, and the drawer slides are attached to the sides of the drawer box rather than to the face frame of the cabinet.

Kitchen cabients and countertops 8Full-access drawers are also known as frameless drawers, as they are commonly used in frameless cabinet construction. They are often found in modern and contemporary kitchen and bathroom designs, where they offer a sleek and streamlined look that is free from the visual interruptions of a face frame. The full-extension drawer slides used in full-access drawers also provide easy access to the full depth of the drawer, making it easier to store and retrieve items.

One advantage of full-access drawers is that they can be slightly wider than traditional framed cabinet drawers of the same size, as they do not require the space that would be taken up by a face frame. This can provide slightly more storage space in a cabinet, which can be particularly useful in smaller kitchens or bathrooms where space is at a premium.

However, because of their construction and the specialized hardware required, full-access drawers are typically more expensive than traditional framed cabinet drawers.

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