What is a Full Overlay?

In the context of cabinet construction, a full overlay refers to a type of door or drawer front that completely covers the face frame of the cabinet, leaving little to no visible frame around the opening. This creates a seamless and modern look that is often associated with contemporary and European-style cabinetry.

A full overlay door or drawer typically extends beyond the edges of the cabinet box by 3/4″ to 1″, and is designed to fit flush with adjacent doors or drawers. The hinges for full overlay doors are typically concealed, or “hidden”, and are installed inside the cabinet box, allowing the door to open and close without interfering with adjacent doors or drawers. white bathroom vanity

Full overlay cabinets are popular in modern and contemporary kitchen and bathroom designs, as they create a clean, streamlined look that is free from the visual interruptions of a face frame. They also offer slightly more storage space than traditional framed cabinets of the same size, as the overlay design allows for a larger cabinet opening. However, because of their construction and the hidden hardware required, full overlay cabinets are typically more expensive than traditional framed cabinets.

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