What is a Peninsula?

A peninsula, in the context of kitchen design, refers to a type of kitchen layout where a connected countertop or cabinet extends from the main body of cabinets, creating an additional workspace or seating area. It is similar to an island but is connected to the main cabinetry structure on one end, forming a “peninsula” shape.

A kitchen peninsula is typically attached to the wall or the base cabinets on one side, while the other side is open and accessible. It can have various configurations and dimensions, depending on the available space and desired functionality. The countertop of the peninsula is often at the same height as the rest of the kitchen countertops. kitchen renovation

Peninsulas offer several benefits in kitchen design. They provide additional countertop space for meal preparation, cooking, or serving. They can also serve as a breakfast bar or casual dining area with the addition of bar stools or seating on the open side. Peninsulas can act as a visual divider between the kitchen and adjoining living or dining areas while maintaining an open feel.

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