What is a Pin Hinge?

A pin hinge, also known as a loose-pin hinge, is a type of hinge that consists of two plates, each with a series of interlocking metal leaves, and a removable pin that joins them together. The pin is designed to fit snugly into the holes drilled into the leaves of the hinge plates and hold them securely in place. When the pin is removed, the two plates can be separated from each other, making it easy to remove a door from its frame or to disassemble a piece of furniture for transport or storage.

Pin hinges are commonly used in cabinetry and furniture making, where they allow for easy removal and reattachment of doors and panels. They are also used in other applications where quick assembly and disassembly is desired, such as in stage sets or portable structures. The removable pin feature makes them a versatile option for many different projects.

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