What is a Stile?

In the context of cabinetry and woodworking, a stile refers to a vertical component or piece of a frame. It is commonly used in the construction of cabinet doors, paneling, and other similar structures. Stiles are typically located on the sides of a door or panel and provide structural support and stability.

In cabinet doors, the stiles are the vertical members that form the outer edges of the door frame. They run from top to bottom and are joined with horizontal components called rails. The stiles and rails together create the framework to which the center panel or other decorative elements are attached. Stile

Stiles can vary in width and design depending on the desired aesthetic and functional requirements. They may be simple and straight, or they can feature decorative profiles and contours. The width and style of the stiles also play a role in the overall appearance and character of the cabinet or door.

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