What is a Toe Kick?

A toe kick, also known as a toe space or kick space, is a recessed area at the bottom of a cabinet or base unit. It is typically located at the floor level and extends the depth of the cabinet. The purpose of a toe kick is to provide space for your feet to comfortably rest while standing in front of the cabinet.

Toe kicks serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, they create a comfortable ergonomic position by allowing you to stand closer to the cabinet without your toes hitting the base. This is particularly important in kitchen and bathroom cabinets where you often spend extended periods of time standing and working. Toe Kick

Aesthetically, toe kicks create a clean and finished look for cabinets by concealing the structural support and leveling elements at the bottom. They help give cabinets a more cohesive and integrated appearance with the surrounding space. Toe kicks can be left open, exposing the floor, or they can be covered with a matching panel or material that matches the cabinet design.

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