What is Build-Up?

Build-up, in the context of construction or woodworking, refers to the process of adding layers of material to a surface or structure in order to increase its height, thickness, or strength. Build-up can be done using a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, or composite materials, depending on the intended purpose and application.

For example, in woodworking, build-up may be used to create a thicker and more durable surface on a table or countertop. This is typically achieved by gluing together multiple layers of wood or other materials, such as laminates or veneers, to create a thicker and more solid surface.

Closeup shot of a set of wooden drawers

In construction, build-up may be used to increase the height or thickness of a floor, wall, or roof structure. This is typically achieved by adding layers of concrete, steel, or other building materials to the existing structure.

Build-up can also be used to modify or repair existing structures, such as by adding additional layers of insulation or waterproofing to a building’s exterior. Overall, build-up is a common technique used in construction and woodworking to increase the strength, durability, and functionality of various structures and surfaces.

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