What is Scribe Molding?

Scribe molding, also known as scribing molding or scribe trim, is a type of decorative molding used to cover gaps between a cabinet or furniture piece and an adjacent wall, floor, or other surface. It is primarily used in carpentry and cabinetry installations to create a finished and seamless appearance.

The purpose of scribe molding is to conceal any irregularities or uneven gaps that may occur due to variations in the wall or floor surfaces, or to provide a transition between two different surfaces. It is particularly useful when installing cabinets or built-in furniture against uneven walls or floors.

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Scribe molding is typically a narrow strip of wood or other material that is cut and shaped to fit the contour of the irregular surface. It is commonly installed along the edge of the cabinet or furniture piece and secured with nails or adhesive. The molding is carefully scribed or shaped to match the contours of the adjacent surface, ensuring a snug fit and hiding any gaps or imperfections.

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