What is Wood Grain?

Wood grain refers to the pattern, texture, and appearance of the natural fibers found in wood. It is created by the arrangement and orientation of the wood cells, which vary depending on the species of the wood. The grain pattern can greatly influence the overall look and character of the wood.

Wood grain can be categorized into two main types: straight grain and irregular grain. Straight grain refers to wood with long, parallel fibers that run in a consistent and uniform direction. This type of grain is commonly found in woods like oak and maple and tends to have a more uniform and regular appearance. Wood Grain

Irregular grain, on the other hand, is characterized by patterns that deviate from a straight and consistent alignment. It includes grain patterns such as curly, wavy, birdseye, and burl, among others. These patterns result from natural variations in the growth of the wood fibers and can create unique and visually interesting effects in the wood.

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