What is Partial Overlay?

Partial overlay refers to a cabinet door style where the door covers only part of the cabinet face frame, leaving a portion of the frame visible when the door is closed. In a partial overlay configuration, the cabinet doors are smaller in size and do not fully cover the entire cabinet opening.

In a partial overlay cabinet, the door sits on the front face of the cabinet frame, but it does not completely cover the frame. Instead, there is a visible gap or reveal between the edges of the door and the frame, which allows a portion of the frame to be exposed. The amount of frame visible can vary depending on the specific style and design preferences.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Partial overlay cabinet doors are typically designed to provide a more traditional or transitional aesthetic. They can be seen in various kitchen styles, from classic and country to mid-century modern. The visible frame adds detail and definition to the cabinet design, creating a distinctive look.

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